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CP: Abfel by LordGojira CP: Abfel by LordGojira
Rather than drawing another character, I decided to expand on Cosmic Phrynosoma's universe by making one of the creatures that inhabit it. If you haven't seen this creature before (and I know most of you haven't :lol:) or if you have seen it but can't remember it, I submitted a deviation which contained this creature in it [link] . As you can tell, the Abfel has received a near overhaul in design and for good reason :lol:. Personally, I didn't like my first design of the Abfels so I took the opportunity to give it plastic surgery :iconlooolplz:. Anyways, I hope you like it ^^.

:bulletblue:Home World: Meriquis
:bulletblue:Description: Abfels are large solitary carnivores that spend their whole lives eating and digging. However, despite their size and quite frightening appearance, Abfels are not as dangerous as they seem. From the day they are born, Abfels are completely blind and on land, they’re clumsy and can’t move very fast. Due to their major disadvantages, Abfels live underground and instead rely on vibrations to locate prey (using the spines on their back). Since they live underground, Abfels burrow constantly (by eating the soil) and use “trapping tactics” to catch their prey (as they’re quite slow when burrowing). Usually, their tactics consist of making the soil very loose over large areas of land. Once their prey step on the loose soil, they fall into the burrow to which the Abfel then proceeds to devour their newly caught prey with its death gripping maw. However, some older Abfels have been seen using different trapping tactics indicating that the creatures can indeed learn. Being solitary creatures, Abfels usually live their lives alone but some have been seen living in dens of three for unknown reasons. Due to mostly movements in colonial settlements, Abfels have become great pests among galactic civilization. Their unpopularity has been mostly emphasized by incidents where colonists’ farm animals stumble upon their burrows and become food and sometimes, colonists themselves even end up the same way. While the creatures aren’t the most appreciated for their hospitality, they have become a great area of study for biologists and are sometimes hunted for their teeth, thick hide, and meat.

Anyways, the Abfel is my creature and belongs to me ^^.

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Shnurbinator Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice. I like it.
LordGojira Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanx, glad you like it :lol:.
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November 19, 2012
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